Aroma Coffee House, a small coffee shop at the heart of Moshi town, Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania, was established way back in 2006 by Ms. Asia Kimaryo aiming at employing disadvantaged women and promoting local coffee consumption in Kilimanjaro region.

Coffee is sourced from the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and most of it comes from widowers. Asia and her husband have revived a family 2 acre coffee farm in Kasirwa village in Rombo which is also used as a demonstration farm around the area. The partnership between women growers and the Aroma Coffee Shop is socially, economically and environmentally focused for a better future among members.

About 90% of the employees at the coffee shop are women and all of them are coming from poor families whom depend on them for their daily support.

Ms. Asia believes that it is lack of education which renders most of women in disadvantaged circumstances, that why she train them to work in the coffee house. "it is not easy but its working".

The local consumption in Tanzania stands to the average of 5-7% of the total coffee production (averaged 50,000 mt). value addition through vertical integration along the value chain such as local roasting and coffee shops, is the sustainable vehicle of success to mitigate against price volatility and creates jobs and it's an opportunity for the locals to get the benefits of drinking coffee.

The future plans of Aroma Coffee House is to source and roast 100% coffee produced by women. Support will be required in terms of input supply, and other non farm related issues such as water and energy source.

Ms. Asia is one of the founders of Women in Coffee Tanzania chapter which is now legally registered to further the interests of women in Tanzania July 02,2010 .
July 2016, with a provision to exceed three year more to 2019 depending on the demand and availability of resources.

Number of beneficiaries

1) coffee farming 57 of which 32 are women (out of which 27 are widowers)
2)Coffee house; 13 benefitted out of which 6 are still employees of Aroma Coffee House. The rest have been self employed or gone to other coffee shops.